WORKSHOP 1: What does it mean to repair a city? 

Feb 17, 8-10am EST / 1-3pm GMT / 3-5pm SAST


Gautam Bhan (Indian Institute for Human Settlements)

Shannon Mattern (The New School )

Edgar Pieterse (University of Cape Town)

Suraya Scheba (University of Cape Town)

AbdouMaliq Simone (University of Sheffield)


Facilitator: Nate Millington (University of Manchester)

WORKSHOP 2: Infrastructural repurposing, infrastructural politics, and the work of repair (Week of March 14)

Julia Corwin (LSE)
Alejandro De-Coss Corzo (University of Bath)
Prince Guma (British Institute in Eastern Africa)

Charlotte Lemanski (Cambridge University) 

Melanie Samson (University of Johannesburg)


WORKSHOP 3: Urban Peripheries and practices of occupation (Week of April 4)


Stella Paterniani (Federal University of Paraná)

Zachary Levenson (University of North Carolina Greensboro)

Matthew Richmond (London School of Economics)
Alexander Vasudevan (Oxford University)

Facilitator: Suraya Scheba (University of Cape Town)


WORKSHOP 4: Mutual Aid, Care, and Crisis (Week of April 25) 

Laura Kemmer (​​Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Caitlin Henry (University of Manchester)

Tanja Bastia (University of Manchester)

WORKSHOP 5: Repair, Climate Change, and Urban Transformation (Week of May 16)
Sarah Knuth (Durham University)
Malini Ranganathan (American University) 
Sage Ponder (Florida State University)
John Stehlin (University of North Carolina Greensboro)
Patrick Bresnihan (Maynooth University)